This new points system will allow members of Wild Wood to be rewarded for their participation and play throughout the year. The system will reflect the amount of events played by each individual and their scoring ability. At the end of the year, the Top 6 players will join Mike and Dan, as they will host you to a round of golf at a local private club. Additionally, there will be a payout for those who finish near the top, which will be reflected in the Credit Book. This is your chance to take advantage of your own efforts in playing here at Wild Wood. Good luck and enjoy!

There is no cost to play, but you must be in the Men’s Association to play in Tournaments.

2 Ways of Attaining Points:

Participation: The Dollar amount it costs per event will be matched in points for each individual. Entry fee only, not including cart fee.

Example: Member-Member, $50 entry fee, 50 points automatically, payment for Guests do not go towards points, only individual entry fee.

Scoring: The Dollar amount received in winnings will be matched in points only for the Overall Payout. This does not include Skins, Closest to Hole or Daily Results.

Majors: Doubled in Points for Participation and Scoring – July Member-Member, Men’s Invitational and Club Championship

The points system will hold for the following tournaments:

Men’s Mudders
Presidents Cup and GT Cup
2 Day Stableford
3 Day Member-Member (Major – Double Points)
Senior Championship
Men’s Invitational (Major – Double Points)
Club Championship (Major – Double Points)
2 Day Individual Stableford Points Event
Sweeps Events
Men’s League Sweeps Results