MIKE sweazy foshizzyMike Sweazy, PGA: Credentials

Promoted to Head Golf Professional of Wild Wood in 2005

Class A member of the PGA of America

Competed in an event on the Nationwide Tour

Won several Western New York PGA Events

Phone Contact: (585) 334-5860 x27




Mike Judy, PGA: Credentials

As a PGA professional for 45+ years, I have taught various levels of golfers from  beginners to professionals.  My teaching philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible (KISS Method).   What is the “perfect golf swing”?  Some of the best players in the world do not have a great swing, but what they do have are what I believe are the three most important aspects of the swing – a good grip, set up and alignment.  These are what I try to work on during a lesson.  Tempo comes with practice.  I don’t try to fill your mind with a lot of information.  It has been proven that the less you think about your swing, the better you will play.  Let’s get back to the basics and clear your mind, but most importantly, have fun on the course.

Phone Contact – (585) 334-5860 x3
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The player’s ability to score on the golf course is based on efficiency within 100 yards of the hole and consistent ball contact to keep the ball in the fairway and on the greens. Pre-Swing fundaments are a direct cause to what happens In-Swing. A player’s swing type compliments the player’s physical abilities and time commitment to practice.


The Short Game (100 yards and in)


  • Develop a consistent putting stroke using multiple putting drills
  • Learn the differences of situational pitching and chipping shots
  • Learn a variety of trouble shots
  • Develop the ideal mental strategy to limit strokes around the green
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Today Wild Wood remains semi-private with the look of a more expensive private facility. Cart paths have been added throughout the course, allowing play from April through November.